“What you wear most often and closest to the skin, should be the be of the highest quality, no?”

Introducing Guy Lab, a label creating a new dialogue for men. 

Designed to form the foundation of the modern man’s wardrobe, Guy Lab's first offering is a line of premium mens underwear and basics, combining the ease of leisure wear with the complexity of a designer collection.

The label’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship is reflected in every step of the creative process. All pieces are Australian made — right down to the fabric. The highest- quality cottons are sourced from certified organic farms in India and China, and milled locally in Australia.

Guy Lab’s inaugural collection centres around two modules that collide to create a new vision for the mens underwear market:

01/ CORE
 Classic shapes of the highest quality
. Wear the CORE range every day and enjoy the tactile intimacy between fabric and skin…nurtured through every fibre.

 Elevate. Inspire. Communicate. An exploration in ‘form and function’, SERIES inspires 
the wearer to choose styles that best reflect individuality and purpose.